​Here’s what you will hear when you utilize Metropolis’s Fastrac phone system. …

Welcome to Fastrac, a quick, painless and easy way to get information to us by using VOIP technology fast! Just remember to speak clearly, include your name, phone number (an RFA if you have it) and the reason for your call. Once you hang up the phone, your message will be automatically sent to both your Community Counselors Smart Phone and our Communications Coordinator for quality control. Ya gotta love technology.

Just imagine being able to call 24/7 from your phone or computer and leave a message. This message will be automatically transcribed into both a text message and email and sent to the Community Relations Specialist. Why not try MetMail as well? Register with us and get your Request for Action number and start tracking your action​. And remember, with MetMail you are sent a survey, letting us know how well we handled your request. It’s part of the Metropolis Transparency Policy.

Take a moment and call me now? When you click below, enter your name and your phone number, and Fastrac will ring you on that phone to connect you to Fastrac. You will need to press 1 to complete the call. You gotta love technology!