How Are We Doing?


So how are we doing? Please tell us so we can improve our services. In fact,. with each and every MetMail, you are sent a survey, giving you the private opportunity to report on the success or failure when my staff are managing your request.
Metropolis tries to provide the most personal and professional management services possible. Yet as the owner, I can’t always see how my staff is doing.Your input helps me to continually improve our current services and develop new programming for your community. It also tells me which staff members are exemplary, and which may not be representing me in the best possible light.

So, here is your chance to let me know. You will also have opportunity to add comments or suggestions at the end of the survey.

I very much appreciate being your management company If you are like me,the last thing you have time for is answering a survey. But believe me, your voice will be heard. So please, take that moment and always fill out a MetMail survey.