Our History

Metropolis_0008_shutterstock_103492940Metropolis has come a long way, baby! From the company’s founding in 1987 to the present day, Metropolis has harnessed the latest technologies to serve the needs of its clients. Two decades ago, we used spiral-bound notebooks to provide reports and proposals and delivered them by mail; today, we can provide the same reports in electronic format to our clients at warp-speed via email.

Our vision has remained the same from the beginning: to reference all information relevant to our clients’ needs through a database and to provide this information on demand to meet the challenges of community management. Our database allows us to centralize and distribute information received by any means; be it a letter, an email, a phone call, a fax… all roads lead to the Grand Central Station of our RFA system. Using this resource, our employees can provide a history of any action undertaken by Metropolis for its clients, and can use this information to target the next step like a laser beam.