Our Team

Metropolis_0004_shutterstock_98411555Metropolis employs a dedicated and diverse team of individuals to tackle this challenging business. The environment demands adaptive and creative thinking to meet the day-to-day needs and unexpected challenges that our clients face. Thanks to the flexibility granted by our database, any one of our employees can respond to the requests of our clients. In other words, if the community manager is at a meeting, any of our personnel can respond to the issue of the day and keep the flow of business moving.

Like Sherlock Holmes, our team members are adept at researching the history of any issue reported to Metropolis. Our team employs investigative skills to determine the correct course of action under the Association’s governing documents. We use these technological skills to support you and the diverse needs of your community. As Sherlock would say, “It’s elementary!”

Metropolis employees use the latest technology to stay connected even while on the move, allowing us to bring our RFA system online or even to Board Meetings! We will never be too far away from the answer that you need.